9 Hidden Kitchen Dangers and How to Avoid Them

Expert Dave Wentz shares insight into dangers lurking in your kitchen plus tips on how to avoid them

9 Hidden Kitchen Dangers and How to Avoid Them

Have you ever wondered whether it's safe to stand in front of your microwave while using it? Or if reheating food in a plastic container is really as bad for as you as people say?

Though necessary, learning about kitchen safety and the potential dangers lurking in your kitchen can make you overly paraonid and never want to cook again, let alone eat out. But, fear not, because we’ve gotten to the bottom of the myths, horror stories, and tales of invasive bacteria to help you cook safely and happily at home.

We turned to expert Dave Wentz, author of The New York Times bestselling book The Healthy Home to learn more so that we can (safely) put our fears aside. We asked him for the truth behind these hidden dangers and for advice on the best solutions.

From using nonstick cookware to how to best store your food, check out his informative and sometimes surprising answers below. 

Click here to see the 9 Hidden Kitchen Dangers Slideshow. 

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JonathanThen's picture

While I don't discredit this article, can you please give me a little background on this Dave Wentz and what his credentials are for providing this information? Is he some sort of Food-ologist? does he study plastics and polymer synthesis and disintegration?

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