10 Cartoon Foods We Wish Were Real

Cartoons will always be one of the most beloved forms of entertainment. They are nostalgic, hilarious, and the perfect distraction from everyday life. Everyone loves them, and although most of us watch cartoons far less often as we get older, we all light up at the memory of our childhood favorites. All cartoons have a trademark, iconic thing that speaks to their characters, from the Road Runner constantly dropping anvils to Tommy Pickles and his screwdriver. But some cartoons' most memorable antics revolve around food.

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Many of our beloved cartoon characters have a favorite meal that we could name without hesitation. After all, who would the Ninja Turtles be without their pizza? Or Garfield without his lasagna? There are so many cartoons that binge on their favorite foods and we are convinced they'd be less loveable without them.

Now, of course, our list was put under some scrutiny. Some foods that didn't make the cut, though iconic to the character, weren't exactly worth wishing they were "real." After all, Popeye's canned spinach and Bugs Bunny's big, crunchy carrot are both hugely important to their characters, but they aren't exactly mouthwatering. And Winnie the Pooh's sticky, abundant honey makes for adorable antics, but it doesn't make our stomachs grumble. 

Granted, some of the items that did make our list are available in reality, but there is something about the cartoon versions that makes us wish we could snack on them, too! We looked at some of our favorite cartoon TV shows, movies, and comic strips and came up with a list of foods that have the ability to make our mouths water.