10 Brilliant Food-Inspired Kids Halloween Costumes

Dress up your kids in these smart and highly hilarious food get-ups

Your kids will never look so delicious!

Whether you're a new parent or have a whole brood running around, we're sure Halloween is a super fun time of year for you and your family. Before your kids start getting old enough to declare their costume wants — princess, superhero, witch, etc. —by all means take your family's get-ups to the next level. 

Try on these kids costumes for size!

Have a favorite food or drink? Love a particular TV show character? Dress your kids based around pop culture topics or food trends. These golden ideas will make for some adorable photos, not to mention hilarious conversations.

And why not dress up as a family? If you’re all going trick-or-treating together, go with a cohesive theme. Think a happy meal, chefs, and their meal or a Fruit of the Loom package — the sky is the limit.  

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, we have done the leg work for you. Take a peek at these inventive and amazing costumes. Also — DIY alert! — they're able to be made at home.