10 Best Food Scenes In Halloween Movies

When we think of Halloween, certain traditions come right to mind: Pumpkin-carving, apple-bobbing, and trick-or-treating are all staple fall activities. We head out to the farms and visit costume stores in excitement, looking forward to what crazy get-up we can cook up this year. But one of the best parts about this spooky holiday isn't in the country or even on the streets Halloween night. Some of the best memories come from snuggling up on the couch to watch classic Halloween movies.

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With our adrenaline pumping and the threat of popcorn flying at every scary twist, we live for the thrill of being scared. But even for those who are too terrified to face the creatures of the night, this holiday has inspired an innumerable amount of magical movie moments.

There are certain flicks we clamor to the TV to watch because there is something magical about seeing them in the midst of the Halloween season. What we of course love most are the movies that focus on food or simply just feature some memorable food scenes. From haunted steaks that crawl across kitchen counters to the chocolate "finger of a man named Clark," here are some of our favorite food scenes in Halloween movies.

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