13 Freaky Food-Celebrity Masks

This Halloween our favorite food icons are doing their best to freak you out

Jane Bruce

Wear one of these freaky faces this Halloween.

Halloween is all about leaving yourself behind and assuming another persona for the day. Some turn to ghoulish goblins and fiendish freaks, but not us. While we love all of the food-inspired costumes we’ve come across, our favorite thing to be every year is someone from the world of food.

It is a tradition around these parts to make hauntingly disturbing masks of our favorite food celebrities, and icons like Mario Batali, Emeril, and Anthony Bourdain have been burned into our brains as some of the scariest Halloween costumes to date. 

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This year we bring you a nice blend of notable restaurateurs and bigwig food celebrities, ranging from master chef Nobu Matsuhisa to the beautiful Giada De Laurentiis (NOTE: hollowing out her eyes is chilling) for an array of food-world favorites. 

Try one on! Just click on any of the 13 faces in our slideshow for a full face-sized mask you can print out. Cut along the dotted line, tape a string to either side of the back, or mount it to a wooden kitchen spoon to hold it in front of your face. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re ready to freak your friends and family out with these scary food celebrity masks!


Wolfgang Puck Zee Austrians are taking over, ja? Sorry, we had to. The surprisingly bubbly demeanor of this Austrian born entrepreneur chef is sort of disarming in and of itself. Pair that overzealous personality with blank eyes and a slight gap tooth and you’ll be scaring all the neighborhood kids in no time.



Michael Symon One of the newly dubbed Iron Chefs to hit the scene full force, Michael Symon cooks with tons of creativity and passion. The bald, loveable biker-bro will turn into the creepiest cue ball with the help of this scary Halloween mask.

Nobu MatsuhisaThe mild-mannered Nobuyuki "Nobu" Matsuhisa is famous for his amazing fusion food and signature dishes developed over several decades — not for the hollowed, zombie-eyed monster we turned him into. The mask itself may be only slightly scary, so be sure to accessorize your costume with some fitting, horrific extras like a bloody chef’s outfit and chopsticks.

Geoffrey Zakarian Behind those thick-framed glasses and tasty dishes lurks the a soulless chef willing to chop unworthy peon chefs in his wake. OK, so it isn’t that intense, but the Chopped judge would make a great play-on-words costume this year!

Curtis Stone The truth is, it is impossible to call Curtis Stone anything even close to scary. We just assumed that with his spiky blonde hair, chiseled jaw, and perfect eyes, every guy would want to be him for Halloween. Plus, we kind of just wanted an excuse to sit and stare at his face while editing the photo.

Alton Brown Bust out your best bow tie and get ready to get technical. Our Alton Brown mask is perfect for a mad scientist chef costume. Just think: This snazzy mask atop a lab coat/apron ensemble will make the most hilarious, slightly disturbing costume to date.


Alex Guarnaschelli Since her smile never goes above a smirk, we thought she would be the perfect food celebrity to haunt your Halloween. If you are trying to pull this off as a real costume, simply contain all of your excitement.

Giada De Laurentiis Don’t get us wrong, Giada’s a total babe and a whiz in the kitchen. However, that Cheshire cat grin paired with hollowed-out eyes gives us the total creeps!


Anne Burrell Although we are pretty sure that the mask speaks for itself, we don’t mind explaining our final choice. OK, we don’t have much to say. It’s the hair — the wild, untamed mane that makes us all giggle profusely! 


To see the rest of the 2013 Halloween Masks, check out our slideshow! 

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