The 10 Best Beach Bars In America

There's a certain atmosphere that can't be replicated anywhere else besides a beach bar. Like the waves crashing around you, your worries slip away when you're handed your fruity, tropical, tiki cocktail (that most people would be ashamed to order anywhere else), dig your toes in the sand, and plop down in a cabana chair. Shirt and shoes are hardly a requirement, there are beautiful people all around, and there's music going in the background. Really, every summer should include at least one trip to a beach bar. 

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It's why we've rounded up what we believe to be the best beach bars in America. It's not just the proximity to the water or sand that makes these bars stand out from their landlocked neighbors (although that certainly boosted these 10 bars' scores). Palm trees, tiki torches, and obviously, tiki cocktails all help make a beach bar stand out from the rest. And no two beach bars are alike — at a beach bar, you can find everything from a $6 Sailor Jerry's shot to a menu of $1,000 bottle service of Cristal, Grey Goose, Dom Perignon. You can find sleek cabanas and day beds alongside thatched roofs, lobster, and french fries. From chic clubs to divey dives, we appreciate all that is a beach bar. 

Sure, our criteria might seem a little bit silly — we really just wish the Sauza lifeguard was hanging out at every one of these dive bars. But each of these beach bars stands out for encapsulating surf, sand, and the beach attitude we wish we could experience year-round. Click ahead for our best bets for beach bars this summer — from coast to coast, you won't be disappointed. 

With research and reporting by Emily Sundberg