10 Amazing Cakes That Look Like Food Slideshow


1. Bag of Bagels

It might come as no surprise that some people are passionate about their bagels. Connoisseurs of this round breakfast staple argue over which is more superior — New York-style bagels or Montreal-style bagels — and stay loyal to their favorite. So when it came time to celebrate one bagel-lover’s birthday, she made sure her preference for New York-style bagels was quite clear with this cake garnished with real sesame and poppy seeds from Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, Md. 

2. Chicken ‘n Waffles

When it comes to food, many of us have a guilty pleasure we like to indulge in on occasion. For one groom, he couldn’t resist the chicken and waffles served at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n Waffles in L.A. His love for this classic Southern favorite was so great that he couldn’t resist not having some on his wedding day — served up in the form of a cake made by The Butter End in Santa Monica, Calif. The completely-edible cake featured a hot sauce bottle made of chocolate, caramelized sugar “syrup,” white chocolate “butter,” and crispy rice “chicken” rolled in white ganache and cornflakes — even the silverware and okra was made of sugar and chocolate.

3. Cheeseburger

If, like Jimmy Buffet, you dream of cheeseburgers (maybe in paradise) at night, this cake created by Tipsy Cake in Chicago is for you. And thankfully, no juice or ketchup will end up dribbling down your chin when you take a bite... but frosting might.

4. Pizza

Like bagels, everyone has a particular style of pizza they prefer. For one person, nothing beat a big slice of a Chicago-style deep-dish pie topped with mushrooms, pepperoni, and green pepper slices — so much that they had to have a sweet pizza pie, err cake, created for their birthday by Duane Park Patisserie in New York City. 

5. Apple Pie

For many, nothing is sweeter than a slice of apple pie. But for one birthday boy or girl, all they wanted for their birthday was to have both their cake and pie. Inspired by the all-American favorite, Charm City Cakes created this apple cinnamon-flavored cake just for them.

6. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry

It is something so simple yet satisfying: fresh berries dunked in dark chocolate. But when you’re serving a crowd at a party, sometimes celebrating with a giant chocolate-dipped berry cake like this one from Pink Cake Box in Denville, N.J. is more appropriate than tray upon tray of the real thing.

7. T-Bone Steak

Most men love their steak and enjoy grilling even more. So when it comes time to celebrate that carnivore in your life, surprise him with a giant hunk of grilled meat. Just don’t expect to find a moist and juicy interior when you slice off a piece of this T-Bone cake created by Chicago-based Bleeding Heart Bakery.

8. Bag of Cheetos

Sometimes the crunchy, cheesy goodness of this snack-time favorite is too delicious to resist. For one sports fanatic — who could never go without a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos when watching the game — his bride-to-be honored his weakness (and entertaining habit of licking the orange off his fingers) on his wedding day with this creation from Tipsy Cake. Now, if only there were Cheetos inside the cake. Sweet frosting, salty and crunchy Cheetos... It could make for a very interesting combination.

9. Artichokes

For some, the first artichokes to arrive in the market are worthy of a celebration in and of itself. But you wouldn’t necessarily think of serving these vegetables for dessert — or slicing into and eating the choke — unless they were artichoke-shaped cakes like these leafy green creations from Duane Park Patisserie.

10. Fortune Cookie

Even if you’re not a fan of Chinese food, there is something magical about these sweet and crispy cookies sealed with message enclosed inside. But as a birthday celebration wouldn’t be a celebration with just the cookies that come along with your takeout, Bleeding Heart Bakery was asked to make this cookie cake for one birthday boy or girl. Do you think the fortune inside was their wish come true?