Zucchini & Golden Raisin Muffins Recipe

Zucchini & Golden Raisin Muffins Recipe
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I love the idea of muffins, but they’re rarely done well. They’re dry, don’t really deliver on fruit to muffin dough ratio, and are usually more calories than their buttery breakfast cousin: the croissant. So when I started making these (because making croissants seems difficult and too tempting), I was thrilled to find that not only do they stay moist, but they’re flavorful and taste super healthy. That I use butter instead of oil in this recipe is a personal preference and refusal not to have butter as part of everything I eat. But you can easily see that with a few very minor adjustments (oil instead of butter, whole wheat flour instead of white), these muffins can be a super healthy start to your day.
Sliced zucchini