Z'Tejas: Cornbread better than Granny's

Cornbread better than Granny's

It has long been a dream to be one of the fair diners at Z'Tejas' treehouse style dining.  Each time I have driven by this gorgeous Victorian house-turned restaurant my heart pulls a little.   

I treated myself to a mid-week lunch out on the town, arrived nice and early, and got the best seat in the house (the central deck between the two dining houses).

I had the pleasure of watching what began as a trickle of lunch diners become a happy swarm of businessmen and tourists line up for a table. I was relieved to see that the iced tea I ordered came in a gigantic, frosty glass. Enjoying each cool sip and admiring the view I was thinking to myself how very lucky Austin is to have yet another fun place to see and be seen when my server brought me something I shall never forget. The cornbread at Z’Tejas is reason enough to come here and come here repeatedly. Succinctly sweet with a subtle salty crispy edge, you will eat your entire mini-loaf in seconds if you know what is good for you. Oh, and it comes with a creamy honey-butter to spread on top. This was so good I had forgotten about the seafood enchiladas I had ordered, boasted on the menu as a “house specialty.” Complete with salmon, shrimp, and scallops atop stacks of corn tortillas, this dish fuses a zuppa di pesce with a well-paired Mexican flair. Although too rich for this particular warm mid-day, I would love to have this meal again for dinner. The sauce was memorable and a great creamy accompaniment to the spice and saline of the fruits of the sea.

I left Z’Tejas thinking that this would be the ideal spot to bring visiting family as there is something for everyone – steak, Tex Mex traditional fares, seafood, vegetarian, a boastful margarita menu, and plenty of options for the kiddos. The location is classic-Austin in this re-invented Victorian set of homes. Bring your family and friends to enjoy this view, icy beverages, and classic Tex-Mex menu.