Zodiac Signs: Ice Cream Edition

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Zodiac Signs: Ice Cream Edition

A scoop of:

  1. Coffee – shows flirtatiousness and divulges even some sexiness by the maturity of the flavor.  Coffee fanatics love to live in the moment and seek new projects without finishing the previous ones.  Their biggest turnoff?  A stale relationship.  So if your date delves into a conversation about the different meats he has eaten in the past four weeks, dump him. Romantic Compatibility: strawberry
  2. Vanilla – someone so bold to choose a plain flavor reveals their innate desire to take risks and adventures. If your date asks for a vanilla cone, don’t let him go. Hell, y’all could end up zip-lining in a tropical forest or scaling the Alps for all I know.  Romantic Compatibility: Rocky Road
  3. Mint Chocolate Chip – shows loyalty and honesty, but a worrier.  In other words, he’ll delicately lick off a chip and then bite his nails in nervousness every time you say something.  Or if this was a description of you, find yourself another mint chocolate chip-er since you’re compatible with your own kind.
  4. Strawberry – demonstrates thoughtfulness and decision-making powers. Strawberry fans don’t dive into anything headfirst, especially love.  In other words, they’re shy and nerdy.  If you don’t want to wait seven months for a first kiss, a mere peck on the lips, I’d move on. Romantic Compatibility: vanilla, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, and Rocky Road
  5. Rocky Road – quite versatile and career-oriented, but enjoy the “finer” things in life. If you really, really like this guy, buy him a gift or two.  Or if you’re the Rocky Roader in the relationship, make sure he doesn’t hesitate from entering the nearest diamond store. Romantic Compatibility: other Rocky Roaders