Zagat Names the Best Sushi Restaurants in the U.S.

These restaurants have caught the attention of Zagat despite the fact that some may cost you an arm and a leg

Here's a look at the interesting inside of Morimoto in Philadelphia.

Think your $60 sushi tab is pricey? Think again. Zagat Guide has named their top eight sushi restaurants in the U.S. per request of USA Today, and some will make your wallet cringe just looking at the price of an appetizer.

The cheapest restaurant of them all, where you can get great sushi under $60, is Uchi in Austin, Texas, which serves "incredible fusion plates that make you cry tears of joy," according to Zagat and reviewers. From there the prices climb, but with that comes higher quality.

Katsu Japanese in Chicago is a traditional sushi bar with stuffed rolls, and Boston’s O Ya does “off-the-charts innovative sushi.” Makoto in Washington has patrons take their shoes off at the door because it’s doing sushi the traditional way with an omakase menu, where the chef decides what he wants to serve. Sasabune in New York follows in the same omakase manner, as well as Urasawa in Los Angeles; but at the latter, you’re going to have to pay up, because the average price is nearly $500 per person.


Zagat aimed to give readers an idea of what the average price per person at each place is, and their standard is the average price of dinner plus a drink and tip. Uchi in Austin is $56, Katsu in Chicago is $57, Morimoto in Philadelphia is $74, Makoto in D.C. is $78, Kiss Seafood in San Francisco is $83, Sasabune in New York is $113, O Ya in Boston is $118, and Urasawa in LA is $488.