A-Z Food: Afghanistan

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About A-Z: "London is an international city; one of the world's vital hubs. So is it possible to travel round the world without even crossing the M25, the huge ringroad that encircles and confines the limits of London? This is a journey round the world foods of London. Eating in one restaurant from a nation representing each letter of the alphabet. An A-to-Z of world food.

Eating, drinking, and socializing are such vital, distinctive parts of every culture, and integral parts of all great travel experiences. This A to Z is partly about sourcing superb, surprising food, partly about vicarious travel thrills (of nostalgia and of trips still to be done), and partly about the rich stew of stories we will hear from all the people we meet on our journey.

It is an open, fluid project: the nation and the restaurant for the next letter will be chosen only at the last minute (though Qatar can probably be fairly confident about being picked, if only we can find a Qatari café in London!).

We want to try to cover the world of London as widely as possible. We are looking for countries from right across the world and restaurants all over London. But apart from that we will be driven mostly by whims, spontaneous hankerings, and mysterious tip-offs from exotic strangers. In other words it will be exactly like the best kind of far-flung adventures. Except that our world of food, and our A to Z of nations, will all be neatly corralled within the confines of the M25."