YouTube Sensation Psy Set To Perform At New York City's The Darby Restaurant

As the line between celebrities and celebrity chefs continues to blur, it's fun to see when paths cross. For example, Top Chef veterans Ilan Hall and Michael Voltaggio have both been visited by "The Food Club," a dining club conceived by comedians and filmmakers Aziz Ansari, Eric Wareheim, and Jason Woliner wherein all three eaters wear sea captains' hats emblazoned with their names.

Now, word comes that Korean pop juggernaut Psy — fresh off his photo ops with Italian cuisine magnates Joe Bastianich and Michael White last week — is planning a performance at The Darby during owner Scott Sartiano's Halloween birthday festivities on Wednesday. To fully realize the "Gangnam Style" vision, The Darby's staff will all be dressed as the girls made famous by the viral video. Whether "the staff" includes executive chef and Food Network personality Alex Guarnaschelli remains to be seen, but expect video evidence shortly after the celebration. It's possible that you might witness someone riding the restaurant's signature Tomahawk Steak for Two like a horse.