Is Your Restaurant In Trouble? 'Kitchen Nightmares' Is Casting!

Is your restaurant falling apart at the seams? Think that calling in a world-class chef to yell at you for a few hours might be its only hope for survival? Then Kitchen Nightmares, currently casting for its next season, is for you!

"If your restaurant is having problems and you want chef Gordon Ramsay to come into your establishment, troubleshoot your problems, and get you back on the road to success, contact us NOW!" reads the release. The "casting call" is open only to restaurants that have been open for more than a year, have more than 35 seats, and aren't part of a franchise.

In the show, Ramsay shows up, attempts to eat some food, picks apart the restaurant's faults, and then does his best to renovate the space, revamp the menu, and give the failing restaurant a new lease on life. Ramsay blowing his top is also usually a part of the deal, but we're not sure if it's written into the contract.

If you're interested in featuring your restaurant on the show, email and cc:, making sure to include  name and contact info, name and location of your restaurant, restaurant website (if
you have one), the type of cuisine you serve, how long you have been in business, "and most importantly... WHY you deserve Gordon's help!" You can also download the application and apply online at the production company's website.

Good luck!