Spring's New Food TV Shows


A slew of food-centric shows are premiering this spring, including NBC's 'Hannibal.'

Food television is oversaturated to the point where we’re flipping between Travel Channel and Cooking Channel at all hours of the day, not to mention checking our DVR religiously for updates, but now even CBS and CNN are getting in on the game. And while there aren’t that many new series to add onto your TV-watching schedule (or DVR) this spring, there isn’t enough time in a day to get through every single new show.

To save you time, research, and maybe some serious decision-making, here’s our quick guide to the new shows popping up on primetime this season. Whether you’re suffering from serious No Reservations withdrawal symptoms, looking for restaurant recommendations, or hoping to see some new celebrity-food mashups, this guide to new spring food TV should help you find exactly what you need. Click through our slideshow to see what your next food show obsession might be, and get your DVR ready.