Your Guide To Cacao And Chocolate In 1 Infographic

From the guy who gave you everything you need to know about whiskey in one infographic, here's a guide to chocolate flavors, divided into cacao origins and type.

Turns out, there are 12 major flavor profiles in chocolate: spicy, cocoa, nutty,  tobacco, fruity, molasses, caramel, bright, grassy, winey, bitter, and floral. Designer Sean Seidell researched chocolate for three weeks, basing a lot of his knowledge off Chocolate, Science, and Technology from Emmanuel Afoakwa.

The result? A nifty visual that shows you the flavor profiles of multiple cacaos from various regions. Venezuela, for example, has three different types, each one varying in flavor profiles, while other regions only provide one type of cacao. Mexico's cacao tends to be fruity and bright, while Ghana's can be nutty. Cacao from the Dominican Republic tends to have winey, grassy, and tobacco-y flavors, while Peruvian cacao is winey, bitter, and fruity. Check out the infographic below for the full descriptors.