Restaurant Menus Go 3-D

3-D isn't just for the movies anymore, and there's no need for glasses. Zinger Digital Signs, a leading digital signage solution company, has just unveiled a new 3-D video menu board to provide customers a movie-like experience while ordering a meal.

The menus, which were released Wednesday, each have a 160-degree viewing angle, allowing customers to see the 3-D images from up to 24 feet away. The idea is that restaurants can use these menus to cross promote items in an effort to increase food sales.

"Testing was done for a 3-D Red Bull display and was really successful," said Founder of Zinger Digital Signs David Bawarsky. "It increased sales by 15 percent."

The menu board displays come with Philips three-year advanced exchange warranty and are available in both 42" and 55" sizes. The menus are certified to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and Zinger provides instillation services for those not quite sure how to mount this technology.