Your Dining Table Could Be Designed by Brad Pitt

The actor is collaborating with U.S. furniture designer U.S. furniture designer Frank Pollaro
Brad Pitt
Wikimedia/Georges Biard

Just in case he wasn't doing enough in this world (you know, acting in movies, adopting adorable kids, being a philanthropist, being drop-dead gorgeous), Brad Pitt has decided to tack on furniture designer on his résumé.

Architectural Digest reports that the actor is collaborating with New Jersey furniture designer Frank Pollaro for a line of furniture including "dynamic tables, elegant chairs, an exotic bed, [and] a minimalist marble bathtub for two," all along the styles of Art Deco furnishing that Pollaro is known for.

The pieces will be showcased in Manhattan from Nov. 13 to 15, AD reports, and we can expect plenty of exotic woods, as Pitt tells AD that lately he's been drawn to "slightly more rustic materials that absorb the light rather than reflect it."


Luckily, if you were hoping for a giant new Mr. & Mrs. Smith-worthy dining table for Christmas, the collection includes a 17-foot-long dining table with a complex, twisted base, as well as a glass dining table for Ocean's Eleven fans. Check out the slideshow for more renderings of Pitt's furniture designs.