Is Your Budweiser Really From St. Louis?

With so many beer apps out these days, we guess we're not so surprised that there's one dedicated solely to Budweiser — but we're surprised that it can track really where your Bud was made. 

The new "Track Your Bud" app from Budweiser launched this week has had many in St. Louis actually wonder where there Bud is made; and — surprise — it's not always in St. Louis. The app, which scans the QR code on the bottle or can, lets you see on a map of the U.S. where your beer started, and which brewmaster (there are 13 breweries across the U.S.) oversaw your beer. However, when Riverfront Times tested out the app, they found that beers sold in the Busch Stadium were actually made in Virginia, and not just down the street at the home brewery. 

However, Budweiser responded and said that the plastic bottles sold at games are only manufactured at the Williamsburg, Va. brewery, so rest assured, St. Louis Bud drinkers are more than likely drinking Buds from the St. Louis brewery. Most of the beer made at the St. Louis Budweiser brewery ends up in 12 nearby states. Now, can we track the Budweiser Black Crown, too? Or how about the bow-tie beer cans?