New Father Dies After Drinking A Whole Bottle Of Tequila For A Bet

The father of a newborn baby died tragically this week after allegedly drinking an entire bottle of tequila to win a bet at a bar.

According to Yahoo News, 23-year-old Kelvin Rafael Mejía went onstage at the Vacca Lounge club in La Romana in the Domincan Republic and downed an entire bottle of tequila as people cheered him on and took videos. He was reportedly trying to win a prize of about $850.

He reportedly finished the bottle and received his prize money before collapsing at the club and being rushed to the hospital. He died of alcohol poisoning not long after that.

Police are investigating the contest and how it got started, but the club says it had nothing to do with it and has never organized a drinking contest or a contest that gave cash prizes at all. The club says the "contest" was an unofficial bet started by a few people at the club, and that it was not something the management arranged or approved.