Young Designer Zuzanna Banasinska Debuts Lady-Like Pieces For A New Generation


It’s rare that young designers have successful collections; more often than not they are the work of an artist not yet fully developed, and clearly trying to get into the game before they’re really ready. And while designers are forever learning, growing and improving on their collections, it doesn’t hurt to be talented from the beginning. For 19-year-old Polish designer, Zuzanna Banasinska, her debut brand BANAIS, is definitely a great start. With new silhouettes, lines and funky cutouts, the line is youthful and surprisingly on-trend.

Established in 2012, the brand was made as a way to speak to women that want to stand out; it’s obvious, bright and filled with more statement pieces than your closet could most likely hold. Meant to accentuate the body and decorate the figure, garments are made with slits, wrapped layers, heavily patterned cutouts and a highly visual blend of fabric and textures. Some pieces are meant to be modern takes on lady-like dresses while others channel futuristic street wear.

With a Spring/Summer line that consisted of cage cutouts, two-tone blazers, and some very unique color blocking, it helps to show how far along the young designer has come with her Fall/Winter collection. Its black and white palette shows off angular shapes, draping and attention to a more tailored form than the previous season.

While the young designer still has room for improvement the new collection is excellent and expresses her knowledge of design and shape much better than previous lines. The sophisticated dresses and jackets seem easy to wear and coordinate with pieces in your closet. Plus there’s nothing better than snatching up a collection from an up-and-coming designer before everyone else catches on.