You Won’t Believe These 5 Scary Food Facts

Read this after you’ve had lunch...
Scary Food Facts

It is amazing what we allow to exist in our food.

It isn’t any secret that the food industry can be sneaky. But every day you could be consuming more questionable ingredients then you care to think about... ingredients that don’t make it anywhere onto the labels. Check out some of the scarier facts we found:

Your Strawberry Flavors Are Fake

Love strawberry flavored anything? You may want to reconsider. There are more than 50 chemicals that go into making that flavor happen.

You’re Eating Rodent Hairs

The FDA allows up to one rodent hair in chocolate and chocolate liquor, four rodent hairs to be present in foods like apple butter, and 11 hairs in ground paprika.

Your Popcorn Has Poop

It is likely that you’ve also eaten your fair share of rodent poop if you like popcorn.

Your Candy Is Shiny...

Because it is shellacked! Ate a ton of jelly beans? You also ate shellac too.

You May Think You’re Eating Cheese

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But you aren’t if you are eating a “cheese” product, which technically only has to contain 51 percent real cheese. Think twice about having your Philly steak with whiz.