You Want Salad with That? McDonald’s to Offer Salads, Fruit, Veggie Sides

The new offerings will replace fries as the default Value Meal option

McDonald's is continuing its effort to make its menu healthier.

For as long as McDonald’s has been offering Value Meals, the formula has remained basically unchanged: a sandwich, fries, and a drink. But all that’s about to change: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the fast-food giant will begin offering salads, fruit, and vegetables as options as well as fries.

The move was announced on Thursday at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City, amid criticism that the chain promotes unhealthy eating habits. And now that we think of it, offering healthy options instead of fries makes perfect sense.

They’ll also reportedly begin using Happy Meal packaging to promote healthy childhood eating, with "fun" nutrition-related information.

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The chain has been working hard to compete with Panera Bread and other options that are perceived as a bit more classy and healthy, and not much more expensive. They’ve recently rolled our egg white breakfast sandwiches, for example, as well as chicken wraps.