You Better Eat Your Wheaties

Is there a more perfect union of athlete, food, and product endorsement than Wheaties? When you make it to that orange cover you pretty much know you never need to look for the prize in one of those sugar cereals ever again. Check out the commercials below featuring Wheaties and athletes through the years.


1950's: Ralph Kiner
What sparks a champion sparks you: Wheaties. "There's a whole kernel of wheat in every flake." Builds up your wheat power. Pirates' leftfielder Ralph Kiner demonstrates how to power up.


1960's: Bob Richards
Olympic Champion Bob Richards sells the raw power of Wheaties, breakfast of champions.


1978: Bruce Jenner
"I really worked hard getting ready for that day and put away a lot of Wheaties," Track and Field gold medal winner, Bruce Jenner noted. Hope it helped you buy that sailboat too, Bruce.


1980's: Mary Lou Retton
Commercials in the '80s were just so much catchier, let's face it. "She does everything the big boys do... pour it on Mary Lou... She's even got a move the boys won't do... So, flash, flash, flash, that winning smile."


1985: Pete Rose
"Dive right into those Wheaties, Pete. Now go tell your Momma what the big boys eat." Just don't tell anyone you bet on baseball. Or do, but sooner. Oops, too late.


1987: Walter Payton
"Ooh, Walter!" Wheatie's energy! The go tell Momma campaign continues with the Chicago Bears' running back Walter Payton.


1990's: Steve Young, Deion, and Michael Jordan
Honey Frosted Wheaties? Crispy Wheaties 'n Raisins? Wait, Deion Sanders? Steve Young? Michael Jordan? Didn't you guys all retire? Where's the song. Eh.


1991: Michael Jordan
Tough to beat the nutrition of 100% whole grain. As Michael noted, "Better eat your Wheaties."


1991: Michael Jordan
Man, MJ was everywhere. Remember? How about some one-on-one?


2010: Peyton Manning
Winning takes intense preparation. It starts with Wheaties FUEL and Peyton Manning.