Yoplait Gets Even Sweeter With Dunkin’ and Jolly Rancher Flavors

The doughnut shop and candy store are now taking over your supermarket’s yogurt aisle

Are you a fan of doughnuts and coffee from Dunkin’? Maybe you’re happiest when you’re popping a sweet, fruity Jolly Rancher candy? Now those flavors have been translated to Yoplait yogurt, with two new varieties of Yoplait original, two new Yoplait Whips, and two limited-edition Go-gurt flavors.

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Not every variety of the many flavors of doughnuts sold at your local Dunkin’ shop are offered. The original yogurt comes in Boston Kreme Donut (save all those for me, please) and Apple Fritter flavors. The Whips, which as their name suggests are lighter and fluffier than the standard yogurt, come in French Vanilla Latte and Cinnamon Coffee Roll flavors.

Boston Kreme


According to Yoplait, Boston Kreme Donut yogurt features chocolate frosting and pudding filling flavors, while Apple Fritter delivers “warm apple notes.” The mousse-like French Vanilla Latte Whip is a twist on the coffee drink, while Cinnamon Coffee Roll offers “subtle hints of cinnamon.”

Cinnamon Coffee Roll


If tubular Go-gurt is more your speed, that lunchbox staple now comes in sweet Watermelon or crisp Green Apple flavors, based on the hard Jolly Rancher candies.



The new flavors should be available nationwide this month. The four yogurts sell for around 65 cents apiece, while Go-gurt comes in eight- and 16-piece boxes, priced at $2.59 for eight, and $4.49 for 16. Should the doughnut-themed yogurt flavors have you craving a real bismarck or apple fritter, here are the best doughnuts in every state.