Yes, You Should Try Bacon Beer at San Diego County Fair

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Bacon Beer at the San Diego County Fair.

Of all the crazy foods and drinks we've seen at county fair, this one just might top it: bacon beer. At this year's San Diego County Fair, the Bacon A-Fair stand's (surprisingly nonalcoholic) drink has food bloggers and news media buzzing. 

To hype up the upcoming Big Bite Bacon Fest at the county fair this year, the Bacon A-Fair tent has really just about all the bacon mixings one could hope for. And that includes the bacon beer: "root beer infused with visible floating pools of bacon lard and several bacon swizzle sticks," said the blogger behind My Burning Kitchen, Darlene Horn. (And yes, we're all a little bummed that it's not actual beer.)


UT San Diego says the owner of Bacon A-Fair stand, Michael Peterson, is adding bacon to his truffle fries and corn dogs as well. Still, some are a bit disgusted by the overall amount of bacon in a drink; said Horn: "There’s really not much to make this creation, just soda and crisp bacon. (A perfect waste of bacon if you ask me.)"