Yep, Beer Beer Goggles Definitely A Thing

We've definitely ended plenty of nights with a Natty Light in our younger years, but nowadays we try to broaden our horizons with a nice stout, or maybe an IPA. On special nights, however, we sometimes slip into old habits. Enter: Beer beer goggles.

According to this College Humor sketch, it's what happens when regular beer lovers get so drunk, they will drink just about anything. "I'll drink whatever I want to drink," beer beer goggle-wearers say, as they down something similar to a Natty Light, eyeing another warm can of beer on the counter as they wonder where all their money has gone.

Watch below as two bros try to talk a friend out of going after the lesser beers. "How did this happen? You started off the night with that nice little hefeweizen," one of them reasons. "And I just saw you hit up that Irish red a couple hours ago," the other says.

Naturally, their friend goes through the stages of justification (no money) to blaming ("Now I feel like you're all hop blocking me. I thought we were bros") to downright disrespecting the brews ("I think all beers are the same.") Our strategy? Drink cheap until drunk, then splurge on the best bourbon on the rocks around. Oops?