The Boston Ramen Battle

On Sunday, April  28, one of Boston's most notorious ramen connoisseurs and a part of the genius team behind the sensation known as Guchi's Midnight Ramen, chef Mark O'Leary, will be entering a "ramen-off" with an equally notorious pop-up master, Wheeler Del Torro. The ramen battle is on!

Each chef will create their own rendition of ramen, with big bowls of delicious, salty broth and handmade ramen noodles. Guests will vote to decide the master of ramen, once and for all! Well, maybe not, but they'll hold the crown for at least a year.

If chef O'Leary (formerly of O YA and jm Curley Bar) wins, Wheeler (owner of 3 Scoops in Brighton and a leader in Boston's pop-up scene) will create an ice cream flavor for 3 Scoops named after O'Leary.  If Del Torro wins, chef O'Leary will scoop ice cream at 3 Scoops for a week. Either way, all proceeds go to #OneBoston in support of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

The event will be held at 3 Scoops. Tickets are currently available only via waitlist, but you can try your luck here. Either way, stay tuned or follow them on Twitter to find out who wins.