Yelp Adding Health Department Grades

No more surprise C-grade restaurants for your adventurous friends
Yelp Health Grades

While we may all say we love hole-in-the-walls, sometimes our stomachs don't (The Daily Meal staffers speak from personal experience). So naturally, it makes sense that Yelp would add health department grades.

Partnering with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Yelp created a system called Local Inspector Value-Entry Specification (LIVES) that allows cities to upload inspection data to its website.

The system will hit San Francisco and New York first, Verge reports, followed by Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Tagging each restaurant with health inspection data will increase transparency in the business, especially in San Francisco, where restaurants don't have to publicly display their scores.


According to Bloomberg, each restaurant listing on Yelp will be accompanied with health ratings as well as a full report of all inspections and violations. There are currently two live examples on Yelp, and while this will definitely be useful when scouting for the next best street taco in Los Angeles, you might not want to check your favorite dirty hot dog restaurant just yet.