Yachting on the 'Hornblower Infinity'

New York City yachts travel in class


Cruising on a 210-foot yacht that has countertops built from 2,500 SKYY vodka bottles really should be on your traveling wish list, and lucky for New York residents (or visitors to the city), such a ship, the Hornblower Infinity, is nearby. Hornblower Infinity's dinner cruises allow you to gaze at the Manhattan skyline while raising a drink, dancing, or just getting away from the city for a night.

"An evening on one of our Hornblower yachts is an accessible luxury experience," said Cameron Clark, vice president and general manager of Hornblower New York, in an email to The Daily Meal. "More than just dinner or a cruise around Manhattan, a Hornblower cruise offers personalized and quality service."

The Hornblower fleet is something to behold. When the Hornblower Hybrid launched in September 2011, it became the largest commercial hybrid vehicle best known for its fuel-saving and sustainable materials. Hornblower Cruises & Events provides impressive features like the 1,925-square-foot dance floor on the Infinity, but it has small touches, too, like six infinity symbols incorporated into the boat’s décor. The Infinity can fit up to 1,000 people and the Hybrid fits about 600.

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"Our guests have the opportunity to make the yachts their own through customizable packages," added Clark. "[We offer] menus with options rivaling any restaurant in the city, and breathtaking views you can't get anywhere on land."