Yacht Partying on the Duchess Lounge

Sail around New York City and celebrate a fabulous occasion at the same time

We’re big on parties here at The Daily Meal — really big. We like them all — themed parties, birthday parties, weddings, parties of all shapes and sizes. So when we were introduced to the idea of partying on a yacht, we thought, "Why not?" 

World Yacht at Pier 81 in New York City is located on the Hudson River, and has unveiled its new Duchess Lounge, an oasis on the sea. The yacht sets sail nightly, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., and the lounge onboard is able to house anywhere from eight to 100 guests for any and all occasions all year long, from birthdays to after-work cocktails, rehearsal dinners, and everything in between. 

With an extensive cocktail menu, light fare, music, and undeniably gorgeous views of the New York City skyline, where else would you rather be for three hours? 

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We strongly suggest partying on a yacht — unless of course you’re not pals with the sea and boats. Then stay a shore, for all our sakes.