Would You Eat This $250 "Indulgence" Burger?

Sure you could get a Shake Shack burger again for $6.95, but why not go indulgent? Beer and Buns, the new Pan-Asian-inspired gourmet burger joint at the Court Hotel will be premiering its "Indulgence Burger," a decadent, $250 creation made with Kobe beef, sautéed foie gras, white truffles,beluga caviar, and served on a homemade artisanal bun.

"We were inspired to create a burger with ingredients that you wouldn't find in any regular market or farm," said Chef Nok. "The Kobe beef has a buttery tenderness and melts in your mouth, the foie gras adds a rich, earthy and round texture, the caviar adds a sense of luxury and an added burst of flavor, and the white truffles complete the dish offering a perfect garnish."

Right now, this burger is the second most expensive burger in New York. Check out our slideshow on the most expensive restaurants in the world.

Sound too expensive? Abigail Tan, an executive with The Court Hotel, a St. Giles Hotel on East 39th Street, said that they were thinking of actually charging $999 but decided to lower the price to bring it down to a more affordable level. This isn't the most expensive burger in New York, however. The $295 burger at Serendipity 3 made with Wagyu beef, caviar, black truffles, fried quail egg, and "hand-formed" cheddar cheese still holds the title.

If you don't think you can stomach forking over $250 for a burger, Beer and Buns will also be offering cheaper versions of their burgers in slider form. 

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