Would You Carry A Wooden Purse? Tesler + Mendelovitch Think You Might

The impeccable craftsmanship of Tesler + Mendelovitch's handcrafted wood clutches is enough to make one wonder if the exquisite objects d' arte are made to wear or to display on a pedestal. Dubbed "Wearable Wood," the Tesler + Mendelovitch line of architectural, artisanal handbags is constructed from a variety of sustainable woods—Rosewood, Walnut, golden Emboya, intense Ebony and creamy Birchwood—combined with a leather lined interior. Every inch is made by hand, from the wood selection and cutting to the final polish. The diamond-patterned, geometric surface design provides necessary flexibility, but the wood textures are soft to the touch, being at once, both delicate and wear resilient.