Would-Be Jewelry Thieves Accidentally Rob KFC Instead

Burglars break through wrong wall, wind up in restaurant

A pair of would-be jewelry thieves in Australia decided to make the best of a bungled situation last week when they found themselves in a local KFC instead of the jewelry shop they were targeting and decided to rob the restaurant instead.

According to ABC News, Dwayne Doolin and Peter Walsh had planned to ring in the new year with a daring heist where they'd crash through the wall of a restroom into the jewelry store next door and have their pick of precious gems and gold. But they accidentally smashed a hole in the wrong wall and found themselves in a KFC restaurant, which was open and full of some very surprised employees.

The two decided to just run with it and rob the restaurant. According to Queensland police, "The men threatened staff with a metal bar and made demands for cash. Two female employees complied and handed over a sum of cash to the men.”

They left the restaurant on foot with $2,600, and nobody was hurt in the incident.


Both suspects were caught, though. One is out on bail and the other remains in custody. Police say the men are scheduled to appear in court on March 5.