Easter Candy: The Worst Treat, According To Candystore.com

Easter is a time for delicious ham recipes, chocolate bunnies, hard-boiled eggs and candy, candy, candy. Colorful candies, fruit candies and candy in springtime shapes abound, but some traditional Easter candies are better than others. 

Why Do We Dye Easter Eggs? And Other Holiday Food Mysteries, Solved

So when candystore.com polled 19,000 people on their least favorite Easter candy, it might have been a little surprising that this candy that consistently makes appearances in baskets is actually disliked. Cadbury Creme Eggs ranked as the worst Easter candy according to the poll. 

The criticism of the fondant-filled eggs included being awkward to eat and having a "low quality" chocolate shell, not like something you would find at the best chocolate shops in America. It is hard to eat one without it becoming a sticky mess. Cadbury Creme Eggs fared worse than Hot Tamales Peeps, chocolate crosses and jelly beans. 

Speaking of jelly beans, some may be surprised to learn that the black licorice flavor is the third most popular flavor of jelly bean in America, according to the candy distributor. Black licorice was the No. 1 flavor in Colorado, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey and Tennessee. 

Whether black licorice jelly beans are a worthwhile candy is definitely a good food debate. The retro flavor is technically a classic, and anise, that black licorice flavor, isn't exactly a weird ingredient to include in a dessert. Apart from being in jelly beans and traditional black licorice, the flavor also can appear in cookies and cakes. 

So what about all of the classic flavors of jelly beans? What about the lemons, the limes and the oranges? Lemon and lime aren't even in the top 20. Black licorice even beat out all the reds: strawberry, watermelon and cherry. 

There actually isn't a fruit flavor in America's top three. Here are the 20 most popular flavors of jelly beans in the U.S.