Worst Customer Ever: No Tip, Rude Message (Updated)

Over the weekend, a Seattle waitress started a Facebook war against a certain Andrew Meyer, who reportedly left a zero percent tip and a rude message: "P.S. You could stand to loose [sic] a few pounds."

To add to the damage, the customer also took the tip jar and dumped the change in his pocket. All $1.25.

The waitress, Victoria Liss, posted the receipt on Facebook, and since the rude patron used his credit card to pay, her friends have scrounged up Meyer's full name and place of employment. This wasn't without hurting a few innocent Andrew Meyers, but Liss recommends that next time someone decides to be a prick, "DON'T GIVE THE BARTENDER YOUR CREDIT CARD. We live in a social networking hub."

Update: Poor Andrew. Liss ended up putting up the information for the wrong guy, and apologized on Facebook: "I could not be more sorry for posting the wrong person's info and photo, it got a little out of hand, Let's all get Tacos and Happy Hour drinks, and tip 20%!!"

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