World's Strongest Coffee Has 200 Percent More Caffeine, Promises You'll Love It

Death Wish Coffee is as deadly as it sounds, but the company promises it's delicious

If you're one of the millions of Americans who wishes their daily cup of coffee packed a stronger punch, we think we've found the coffee for you. AdFreak alerted us to what's now being called the "World's Strongest Coffee," scarily named Death Wish Coffee — but don't worry, they promise it won't kill you. 

Death Wish claims that its new roast has 200 percent more caffeine than a regular roast; the company says that most dark roasts from Arabica beans don't have as much caffeine because it's stripped in the roasting process. But the Death Wish uses a different bean that has the same flavor of a dark roast, plus the caffeinated punch. 

It seems the bean, and roasting process, is somewhat of a secret: the company doesn't say on its website what bean it uses in its roast, and the roasting process seems pretty typical. But Death Wish "guarantee[s] that you will not find a stronger, more flavorful, organic coffee on the market anywhere or we will buy the coffee back from you." And it does offer a 60-day guarantee for users who don't appreciate a stronger cup. In fact, reviews of Death Wish, like that from The Dropp, have called the cup of Death Wish " deep, rich, and seemed to have layers of intensity.... The consistency seemed to be creamy even though it was completely unadulterated." He also said he only needed two cups to get through the day. We've never been more intrigued by a new coffee roast. 

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