UK Pizza May Be World's Spiciest Pizza

A UK pizzeria reportedly serves a pizza three times spicier than the world's hottest chili

Yikes — UK pizzeria Paul's Pizza is really upping its spice factor, as the Daily Mail reports that the Saltdean Sizzler pizza might just be the spiciest in the world. Only nine challengers have been able to eat the entire pizza since last year, although 1,307 have been sold.

Accoding to creator Paul Brayshaw, the 10-inch pizza uses the ghost chili to create a chili paste, topped with chili extract to amp up the spice. Those who end up eating all six slices get a photo on the "Wall of Flame," while everyone else ends up on the "Wall of Shame."

Brayshaw has sent along a pizza to Warwick University to be tested by Guinness World Records, saying that if his pizza was over 1 million Scoville units, it would be the spiciest on record. There has yet to be a Guinness World Record for spiciest pizza, but the spiciest pepper to date is the Trinidad Scorpion pepper, at 1,463,700 Scoville units.

In any case, eating this pizza does not look pleasant, although spice enthusiasts do try. Luckily, Brayshaw keeps an eye out for wannabe spice masters, as the after effects of eating the pizza is sometimes more painful than eating it.

"We close at 10 p.m. so just before the pubs shut," Brayshaw said. "Otherwise I think we would get a lot of drunk people in here having a go without realizing just how spicy this pizza is." Smart move.

Watch one man succeed in eating the full pizza below, although he doesn't look too happy at the end.


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