World's Oldest Champagne Sells for $156,000

The champagne was found in a shipwrecked boat and spent 170 years underwater

Would you drink 170-year-old champagne that spent the majority of its life underwater? Apparently, some wealthy people would: 11 bottles of the world's oldest champagne sold for $156,000 at an auction in Finland, Bloomberg reports

The rare bottles were found in a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea, where the champagne was stored horizontally (and perfectly in the icy-cold conditions). Divers first discovered 162 bottles at the shipwreck in 2010, but only about 80 were claimed drinkable. They also found beer bottles at the same shipwreck, which scientists are now using to recreate the beer. 

The bottles for sale: Six bottles of Juglar (which hasn't been in business since 1829), four bottles of Veuve Clicquot and one bottle of Heidsieck. The bottles were estimated at about $10,000 each, but sold for as much as $37,000 for one bottle. One slight problem, reports Bloomberg: The divers who found the bottles haven't received any compensation for their boozy (and valuable) find.