Is This the World's Most Expensive Ice Cream?

These pints of ice cream are for special occasions only
World's Most Expensive Ice Cream

A pint of Capannari’s of Chicago's Black Raspberry Chip ice cream can sell for $31.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t go to extremes for their favorite ice cream? Whether it’s a custom pint with your favorite mix-ins, a pricey ice cream subscription, or a brand available only at specialty shops, there are some super-expensive ice cream brands out there. Here are the top three.

#3 MilkMade: $30 per month for 2 pints
Forget fruit of the month clubs; sign us up for ice cream of the month! That’s exactly what you get if you are lucky enough to live in New York City, where MilkMade runs a monthly subscription service for ice cream enthusiasts. $30 per month gets you two pints of whatever flavor they dream up, making each pint $15. Recent flavors include chestnut ice cream and a Christmas tree flavor (with actual pine needles!). Currently, MilkMade is only servicing New York, but there are plans to expand soon.

#2 ECreamery: $18.75 per pint for custom flavors is an ice cream lover’s paradise. You have the option of purchasing pre-fab flavors like Double Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Cashew Brittle, or you can choose to make up your own custom flavors and personalize your packaging, making this a great holiday gift or perhaps a creative wedding gift To purchase 4 pints, the minimum, you’ll pay $59.99 for the pre-designed flavors, which is pretty stiff at about $15 per pint, and doesn’t include shipping charges. When you opt for your own flavors, you start at $59.99 and then progressively pay more as you add mix-ins for a grand total of $18.75 per pint if you were to add the maximum 3 mix-ins at $5 each!

#1 Capannari’s: 6 pints for $160 to $190
Topping our list of America’s most expensive ice cream pints, Capannari’s of Chicago will ship you their delicious ice cream, for a price. This family owned-and-operated ice cream parlor offers delectable flavors created by a master chef. If you want to order it, be prepared to shell out $160 to $190 for 6 pints. If you go the $190 route, then you’re left with a grand total of $31 per pint. The Black Raspberry Chip sounds delicious, but that’s a lot of money for a pint of ice cream.  

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