World's Most Expensive Coffee On Sale

How much would you spend on a cup of coffee? $3? Maybe $5 if you were in a good mood? Would you be willing to drop $30 on your wake-up beverage? Some people are.

For a limited time, the website, Touch of Modern, is offering bags of Kopi Luwak coffee for less than $30.

Made from beans extracted from the excrement of Paradoxurus, the Kopi Luwak coffee is normally priced at $90 a cup, and $1,000 for a pound of beans. The small animal eats coffee cherries, which then pass through their system, virtually intact. The beans are cleaned and roasted to create this rare blend. Usually, it takes an appointment with an establishment that carries the blend to try the rare, and controversial, beverage.

The decreased price might seem like a great deal for coffee fanatics and the adventurous alike, but would you be willing to spend splurge this much on coffee?