The World's Longest Bar Crawl: 28 Years, 16,000 Bars

6 friends made a pact never to go to the same bar twice, 28 years ago

Do you have your neighborhood bar that you frequent every week, à la How I Met Your Mother? These guys sure don't: 28 years ago, six friends from Britain made a pact to never go to the same bar twice — and have succeeded.

Dubbed the Black Country Ale Tairsters, the group has made it to a total of 16,337 pubs, hotels, and wine bars, reports the Daily Mail. How do they keep track? With official scorecards, records of the bartenders, and souvenirs, i.e. beer mats and menus.

The group began frequenting new pubs in 1984; it started as a group of 20 originally. Their experiences have inspired a book, Beer, There and Everywhere by Peter Hill, and raised £15,000 for charity (lest you think their cause wasn't philanthropic). For the men involved, it's not merely a hobby — it's a love. Hill said to the Daily Mail, "It's hard to think of a hobby which is so much fun... When we’ve finished our current quest, we will just move on to another county. I’ll be doing this for as long as I can — I intend to visit every pub I can."