World's Largest Ice Cream Cone Is 13 Feet Tall

That's more than twice the height of this writer

The Euro Cup may have spawned the world's largest lasagna, but given the high temperatures and long summer days, we think the world's largest ice cream cone is more appropriate for the occasion.

So of course, English chef Heston Blumenthal decided to build the world's largest ice cream cone, rising 13 feet in the air.

This past weekend, MSNBC reports, Blumenthal set up shop in Gloucester, in the southwest region of England, creating a top scoop that weighed nearly a literal ton. Apparently the top scoop was frozen for a month, and was so heavy they used a fork lift to top off the ice cream cone.

Then, rainbow sprinkles and strawberry sauce were put inside "cannon-like instruments," where assistants tried to catapult them onto the ice cream. Sadly, "most of it failed to stick," probably because the ice cream was so rock solid.

Blumenthal's creation has yet to be confirmed by Guinness, but the last ice cream cone record  was only 9 feet tall, from 2011. But we're not that impressed, Blumenthal. Next time, scoop them into petals like gelato flowers, and add more sprinkles.

Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.