World’s Largest Inedible Dumpling Made in China

A festival promoted carrots with a giant dumpling

The Liaoning Carrot Culture Festival unveiled the world's largest dumpling stuffed with carrots and bubble wrap.

In order to encourage people to eat more carrots, the Liaoning Carrot Culture Festival decided to celebrate by creating the world’s largest dumpling. Unfortunately, they did not bother to make it actually edible.

According to Shanghaiist, the monument to carrot dumplings was unveiled yesterday morning at the Liaoning Carrot Culture Festival in Liaoning, China. The Liaoning carrot dumpling was two meters long, .8 meters tall, and .85 meters wide. It was stuffed with 660 pounds of shredded carrots and 55 pounds of celery. Constructing the wrapper took 440 pounds of flour, and the dumpling was reportedly seasoned with salt, pepper, and oil, which seems like a bit of overkill considering nobody was actually going to be eating the dumpling, because it was built on a giant frame of steel pipes and bubble wrap.

Organizers first built the frame and covered it with bubble wrap, then invited festivalgoers to watch them fill the frame with the shredded carrot mixture and pat the dumpling dough over the armature. After the dumpling was completed, people could take photos with it, but nobody could eat it because of all the metal and bubble wrap.

Organizers say the giant dumpling was the equivalent of 700,000 small dumplings one might buy at a restaurant.

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