World's 10 Weirdest Spirits

Staff Writer

Has the spirits scene spiraled out of control? With modern mixologists slinging everything-but-the-kitchen-sink cocktails at top bars in the U.S., the hunt for the next hot trend in liquor has created some—well—frankly bizarre booze of late. Would you drink a bitter liqueur made from artichokes? What about an absinthe created by Marylin Manson—cleverly named Mansinthe? Consider downing a wood-chip concoction touted as ‘Dominican Viagra’? As little as five years ago, drinkers did not face such dilemmas. Imbibers had relatively few choices on cocktail menus—drink lists were streamlined, and standard: think gin and tonics, vodka and fruit concoctions, and tropical takes on rum-based drinks like piña coladas. The most ‘out-there’ spirit on store shelves was probably Jägermeister. Nowadays, entire bars are devoted to esoteric spirits like mezcal and pisco, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a cocktail lover who isn’t familiar with elderflower liqueur. Are imbibers becoming more and more open-minded, or are spirits just becoming stranger? The U.S. isn’t alone—it seems a fascination with bizarre booze spans the globe. Behold: the world’s top 10 weirdest spirits.

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