World's Spiciest Pizza May Make Your Tongue Bleed

Forget burning the roof of your mouth on a spicy slice, this pizza could burn your insides away. James Broderick, the owner of The Little Italy Pizza Company in a small town in Lincolnshire, England, is aiming to have its "Death by Pizza" known as the world's spiciest pizza. They would go for a Guinness World Record, but Guinness does not encourage records that could be harmful to your health, Broderick told us.

So far, some customers who have tried the pizza have had their tongues bleed, and most couldn't finish even a slice, according to Express UK.  Anyone who finishes the whole pizza in under 30 minutes will receive £20 for their tear-inducing efforts. Only one gentleman has succeeded so far, with 30 seconds to spare, said Broderick.

The pizza, he said, is a standard pie except for the sauce, which is made with dry chili, fresh chili, chili extract, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chilies (which are so hot they're known to cause heart attacks) Scotch Bonnet chilies, garlic-ginger seasoning, tomatoes, 12 million scoville chille extract, and 10 million scoville chilli extract. Employees have to wear face masks while preparing the special pie. The pie doesn't use the Naga Viper pepper, which is actually the hottest in the world, and people regularly try to consume it, The Daily Meal reported.

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"We came up with the idea when we were approached by Muhammad Karim from Bindi Restaurant in Grantham, who is famous for making the world's hottest curry, 'The Widower'," said Broderick. "He came to me with the idea. We like to do things a little differently to other pizza places and decided to give it a go."

The current world record is 3.2 million scovilles, so they might actually be the hottest pizza around! The Daily Meal reported last year on the former spiciest pizza in the world. The pizza is being tested at Warwick University's lab to determine just how flaming-hot this concoction really is.