World's Most Expensive Produce

The cost of produce continues to climb every year, but in comparison to these produce, what we find in the grocery is a bargain.

In a recent article by Modern Farmer, they reviewed the most expensive produce around the world. But these are much more than your average dragon fruit or fresh porcini mushroom. 

Eight pineapples harvested by botanists at The Lost Gardens of Heligan were produced at a cost of £10,000 (~$15,200). Nurtured with horse urine and 30 tons of manure over the span of two years, these prized pineapples were not for sale, as the farmers growing them kept them amongst themselves.

In Japan, a pair of 8.1-pound Yubari melons rang up at 1.6 million yens ($15,730), while Ruby Roman grapes cost $6,400, so about $255 per grape, which is a 50 percent increase from last year.

Potatoes, normally viewed as a thrifty pantry staple, cost $700 per kilogram (~320 per pound) when cultivated off the Atlantic coast of France on the island Noirmoutier. Known as "La Bonnotte" potatoes, they are mostly only found at high-end restaurants.

Unsurprisingly, saffron and truffles also made the list of priciest produce.