World's Largest Cheesecake Created At New York's Cream Cheese Festival

In the annals of crazy food world records, this one certainly deserves a mention: the world's largest cheesecake was created over the weekend, at Lowville, N.Y.'s ninth annual Cream Cheese Festival. Created by Philadelphia Cream Cheese, the 6,900-pound cake clocked in at a jaw-dropping 90.25 inches in diameter and 31 inches deep.

The record-breaking feat was done in order to raise awareness for No Kid Hungry, a campaign to end childhood hunger in America. Donations were accepted in exchange for a slice of cake (the festival also whips up America's largest cheesecake every year, weighing 1,200 pounds and serving 3,500). Ace of Cakes' Duff Goldman was on hand to do the slicing, as was an official from Guinness to make sure the accomplishment was legit.

While the cake was just a combination of cream cheese and sugar with a crust of graham crackers and butter, it still qualified as a cheesecake and took the prize, blowing the previous record-holder, which weighed in at a measly 4,703 pounds, out of the water.