The World's 10 Tastiest Food Museums

Some art is meant to be touched, but in the case of food museums, it's also meant to be tasted. This genre of museum can spotlight a specific food or brand, and museums around the world exhibit everything from a given food's history to creative variations of a certain dish.

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Some museums spotlight the rich history and pop culture surrounding famous brands, while others celebrate the varieties of products available. Some display impressive collections and still others invite visitors to participate in hands-on activities. To help you plan your pilgrimages to food museums around the world, we've compiled a list the best of the food museums out there and ranked them based on opportunities for visitor interaction, critical acclaim, the age of the museum, and depth of information.

Last year, we published the 11 Most Bizarre Food Museums in the world, and some of those same museums made the cut for this year's list. Unlike last year's list though, this list is looking at not just the most bizarre museums, but also the most delicious. 

Our slideshow includes museums dedicated to a variety of foods — from staples as simple as potatoes and pasta to unique creations like currywurst. Check out our slideshow to see these and other surprising museum subjects. Given the variety, these attractions are sure to tantalize your taste buds!