Mile-Long Pizza Sets World Record

Chefs in Naples have set the record for the world’s longest pizza
Margheritta pizza


A 1.12-mile Margherita pizza in Naples just set a world record for the world's longest pizza.

Last year at the Milan Expo in Italy, a 1,595-meter pizza set the Guinness World Record for the longest pizza ever created. Naples was not about to let Milan keep that particular record, though, and this week 250 chefs from around the world gathered in Naples to take the record for that city, which they did with a giant Margherita pizza that measured in at 1,854 meters, or 1.12 miles long.

According to The Local, the Naples pizza took over 4,400 pounds each of flour and mozzarella and 3,500 pounds of tomatoes to make. With 250 chefs all working together, it took six hours to make and cook the pizza, and because chefs in Naples take their pizza traditions very seriously, all 1.12 miles of the pizza were properly made according to Naples’ stringent pizza-making criteria and cooked in specially designed wood-burning ovens.

After the pizza was measured and the record was clinched, the chefs sliced up their masterpiece and sent the pieces off to various charities around the city to feed the hungry.

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